Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sacrificial Chamber Final Draft #3

This is my 3rd final concept draft and I have added textures and detailing to my scene, although some of this may not be completely visible until enlarged. Any feedback on this is appreciated.


  1. Hey Kyle. I still think this needs something. It's still very "plain" right now. As I said the other day, try and get some bounce/reflective light going on picking up details that will enhance your scene to catch our eyes! Maybe even a bit of atmosphere to make the 'space' bigger. Meaning that it moves away from being a flat, soft image. However! Like the colours, but to me - it just needs that UMPH!

  2. agreed! You need some colour in there, Kyle - and I'd really recommend mosaic-ing the three horizontal sections on the back wall: take a look at these examples for both colour, pattern and texture:


    It's all that rich, ornate gold + rich blues and claret reds... get in there!