Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Secret Lair Thumbnail: Bloody Altar Extended

As suggested by Phil went back into Photoshop and extended the blood altar scene I posted earlier to include more of the room.


  1. Okay - do it again now - a bit more room - and drop in a foreground element now too - a pillar or the edge of an archway - something to frame the room and create a bit more architectural interest. The other thing I'd like to see you incorporate are some Byzantine mosaics to complicate some of your surfaces: for example:

    You might consider taking in some actual mosaics and using the perspective tool/skew tool in Photoshop to blend them into your thumbnails; for example your floor surface might be black and gold mosaic. I want you too to look again at some actual Byzantine architecture because I'm not too keen on your blobby columns - get in there and start to investigate the detailing of your world too.