Sunday, 24 November 2013

Byzantine Cannibal Final Concept (unfinished)

This is my final concept piece for my Byzantine Cannibal's secret lair. The recent addition of detailing on the background wall is a mix of photographs and hand drawn detailing, It portrays a scene unique to my vulture cult and allows me to show my audience their lore and history through imagery.

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  1. okay - final bit of advice - just get some decoration/surface pattern on the surfaces of the foreground arch elements - I'm thinking some blue mosaic tiles + plus gold lustre would look mighty fine; imagine too that the foreground arch surfaces are being lit by the glow of some additional torches just beyond the frame of the image - to bounce some additional light onto those otherwise very dark surfaces. I really like the changes you've made, Kyle - nice moody lighting, lots more interest - just enrich those foreground elements - pick out some surface detail - and then you've got it :)