Friday, 1 November 2013

Hero Prop Research Map

After a conversation with Heidi I got a really firm idea of what my hero prop could be. Taking a more fantasy twist on the Byzantine subject and looking at different symbolic meanings for certain animals. I've decided to do a helmet/cowl of either a Lion, Vulture or Snake. Any suggestions for which animal I should use are welcome.
  • Vulture - epitomized greed, corruption and ruthless power. 
  • Lion - a symbol of power, majesty, wisdom, tyranny, viciousness, dignity, and leadership. The lion represents both Jesus Christ as well as Satan, a wise king or a tyrant. 
  • Snake - symbolizes Satan; the presence of evil, fall of man, devil


  1. Vulture appears to me the most interesting, but looking at those golden snake helms... They're something I personally have never seen before!

    1. Thanks Heidi :D The snake helms are from Stargate btw ;)