Wednesday, 6 November 2013

OGR Project Two: The Secret Lair of the Byzantine Cannibal

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  1. OGR 09/11/2013

    Morning Kyle,

    Thanks for being patient :)

    Well, you've certainly run with this idea since our last conversation - an elaborate back-story, a secret 'vulture' cult, and an alter of black granite! Good stuff. This is all about a gazillion-times more 'Byzantine' than previous efforts and suddenly you have the opportunity to enrich your secret lair with period detail and visual reference. It seems clear to me that the black alter should have a pretty dominant position in your secret lair, so in terms of thumbnailing, I really want to see you working quickly and creatively to explore the very best, most filmic composition. I also want you to look at your actual digital-painting; you tend to use the same brush/same thickness of line for everything you draw, and it's robbing your work of a bit of sophistication; with all this Byzantine detail about the place, I'd like to see you change-up your digital painting a bit, and seek to get a bit more finesse into these depictions; I know thumbnails are designed to be kept loose in the first instance, but I'd like to see you take your thumbnails on a bit further, and work into them to commit to a bit more architectural detail. Don't stop looking at actual architectural reference, don't stop looking at actual real world colour pallets, don't stop looking at carving references etc. I'm very keen that a) you raise the quality of your 2d draftmanship so that your ideas are more effectively communicated to others and b) that you work very closely with visual reference libraries to ensure your world feels credible and well-observed. I think you've already come a long way since day one, Kyle, and now I want you to dial everything up even more so as you finesse this idea. Onwards!