Monday, 4 November 2013

@Phil - Concept Idea

I just had a flash thought about how I can add a fantasy element into my character and lair designs with the use of a non-human species. As cannibalism is seen frequently in other animals such as praying mantis, fish, sharks and even orangutans! Would this be an acceptable path?


  1. Hey Kyle - it's an interesting path, could be the right path - but I really think you need to dig into the culture, history, legends, faith and iconography of the 'Byzantine Empire' for your concept here - not necessarily bolting something else on; right now, many of your thumbnails seem preoccupied with a sort of torture chamber vibe - fine - but look to your first word for inspiration now; go back to the empire, Kyle - go back! :) Your answer lies in there someplace - go hunt it down.