Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Online Greenlight Review #2

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  1. OGR 21/11/2013

    Hi Kyle,

    Okay - I think you're experiencing a methodology problem here; I think you're unsure how to make some of the changes to your scene you're being encouraged to make - for example the mosaic detailing - and you need to take on some new techniques. Can I suggest, on Monday, you ensure you find some time with Jordan to explore ways in which you can bring these elements into your scene. It's important because you're still not being BOLD enough in visual terms. I can see that you've flirted with the addition of some texturing, but it's a bit 'fiddling around the edges' as opposed to grabbing this particular bull by the horns. In principle, your lair is a nice resolution, but your concept art still lacks drama and menace and a certain religiosity. I think you're a bit frightened of somehow wrecking this image of which you're proud, but I want you to think about the lighting levels, about the saturation of colours, and about staging your altar more cinematically. Some techniques to try in the first instance: exploring colour balance, hue/saturation etc. in Photoshop - as Candice does here:

    I want you to imagine that the area not being lit from above is in fact illuminated by the glow of firelight - that gives you orange/red lighting on the walls and columns and surfaces; and then think about a blue-ish light from above lighting the altar - the contrast of these two colour temperatures might make for some exciting effects. I want you to look at the following clips from Disney - see how they use colour as lighting - see how dramatic and exciting everything becomes. You just need to be braver and more expressive in terms of bringing the menace, drama and bloody purpose of this space to life:

    You need to be bold, Kyle - your conceptualisation of your character and the purpose of the lair is solid - it's just getting more drama into its visualisation. Similarly, consider using the mosaic/decorative elements to put more 'vulture' imagery into your world - I think bird symbolism would be used throughout this area right? Consider ways in which you might accentuate this element in your lair too.