Thursday, 9 January 2014

Story Idea 3: The Inflatable Kingdom

After the radical creation of a rocket capable of interstellar flight the governments of earth fight over who should own this marvel. It's creator, Simon the Scientist, is angry that human power structure cannot share this breakthrough in the name of peace and advancement of diplomacy and takes off from planet Earth and disappears when he successfully jumps into another galaxy. This however doesn't go as planned as when he emerges into this new galaxy the rocket's systems begin to fail,  leaving him now choice but to attempt an emergency landing on the nearest planet. As he begins his descent his is met by the strangest of sights; the world he is attempting to land on is made of rubber and he can see miles and miles of inflatable wheat fields and hardened rubber fences. Completely distracted by his strange scenery, he fails to notice the large blow up mausoleum below and his rocket pierces the structure. The air tight walls burst and he suddenly loses control of the spacecraft, it twists and turns within the former mausoleum's material until an abrupt crash is heard and everything stops abruptly. He emerges from his craft only to find himself crash landed in the middle of a cemetery, the scenery now is completely unlike what he saw earlier, the dazzling yellows, blues and reds have been replaced by greys, browns and blacks and eerie solid rubber gravestones stand silent. He began to think that things couldn't get much worse, marooned in another galaxy, no rocket, no ide where he was and stuck in a cemetery of all places. But he hadn't accounted for the weather, a thunderstorm sets in and increases Simon's desperation. He wanders through the cemetery aimlessly, hoping to find an exit. After sighting a path and following it for a while he comes upon a large dark mass, unable to make out what it is until lightning illuminates a hooded figure. Simon screeches loudly and falls backwards, the statue is kneeling, robed all in black rubber and clutches what appears to be a large needle with its skeletal fingers; Simon regains his composure and his face turns bright red as he realises the noise he just made. After examining the statue, he begins to put together rational theories of his environment only for his thoughts to be interrupted by the appearance of some suspiciously inflatable looking guards. "Outsider! You are under arrest for the defilement of the royal mausoleum and the deflated monarchs within!" A guard screams, with slight undertones of rubbery squeaks. Simon is both alarmed and shocked, dazed, he is pushed to the floor hard and has his hands tied with plastic rope. "Take him to Bouncy Castle!"

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  1. I think there's potential here, Kyle - but get your story into the formats asked of you on the brief - premise, log line and step-outline - they are shorter, quicker ways of people like me 'seeing' your story. For definitions of logline etc, go to the final pages of the 'Making Stories' briefing presentation. Get this story reduced to its essential structure.