Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Story Idea 2 - The incident of the Bouncy Castle in the Cemetery

The Scientist (who is also a rocket) and his team is attempting to create a new wonder of their world made up of the energy of citizens who hold weddings and funerals above their secret research facility, which is located underneath the city's cemetery. This, however, goes terribly wrong as instead of creating a pure bouncy castle, something never before seen in their world, they create the physical form but an influx of negative energy creates a twisted and evil soul that possesses the bouncy castle. None of the team realise this however and celebrate their success. A grand banquet is held with the brand new creation as the center piece. The bouncy castle, however, has other ideas and breaks out of the containment cell, only to attempt to eat the staff in the facility. The protagonist uses his ingenuity and flees to the armoury and procures a firearm to destroy the beast, he does so only to find he is the only one left alive.

Not too sure if this plot is too much but I enjoy the crazy defiance of reality with it.
If anyone has ideas on how to improve this or if it too much It'd be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Evening Kyle - just passing; you know, maybe your whole world is inflatable - which means that your cemetery might be an inflatable one too; perhaps your rocket scientist makes it to a new planet (in his rocket!), which is an inflatable planet (think Cloudy With A Chance Of Meat Balls) - I suppose a cemetery on a planet made of inflatable things would be where punctured things were disposed of? I can imagine a very pointy rocket-ship causing a few problems on a planet full of pop-able stuff! :)