Sunday, 19 January 2014

Character Profile: Grayam Parsons (Rocket Scientist)

Name: Grayam Parsons

Age: 72

Date of Birth: 11/03/1980

Nationality: British

Occupation: Ex-Rocket Scientist

Bio: Grayam Parsons was, and still is, an incredibly intelligent individual, possessing the capability to make even the most theoretically absurd ideas work perfectly practically. This is what laid him in the sights of the MoD (Ministry of Defense) after graduating from university at the top of his class. His career was steady and comfortable, with innovation after innovation in defensive and offensive technology. By the time he was 33, Grayam was assigned to project Nephilim and tasked with building the future of long range warfare. The project lasted 12 years, building and redesigning the system completely countless times.

His creation was the Nephilim Rocket, a jaw dropping achievement to the scientific community. This would carry Grayam's name into the history books, but on June 20th 2026 it wasn't in the way he had expected. After months of controlled testing, the rocket was ready for live field tests and was selected for a strike on Istanbul. The result of the attack was unexpected, with a single Nephilim rocket leveling an area of 20km and leaving behind naught but debris and airborne toxins in its wake.

The world paused at this atrocity, millions dead and the land left uninhabitable, the MoD could only point the blame at Grayam. He was resigned and left jobless along with the guilt and blame from the incident, it was the lowest point in his life and with no further to fall then into a bottle. He and his family struggled with his alcoholism and nightmares for years, it wasn't until his wife died after his 65th birthday and his daughter gave birth to his granddaughter, Joyce, that he stopped drinking and decided to become someone his granddaughter could look up to.

Now 72, he works on miscellaneous and playful inventions to entertain Joyce and is a grandfather every child would wish for; but the past still lingers, constantly on his mind and in his nightmares, forever inescapable.

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