Thursday, 9 January 2014

Character Design Workshop Exercise

During the Character design workshop on Wednesday, we were asked to first draw a random character in the style of the ones we had brought in. I brought in the Punisher, as he is my favorite anti-hero, and drew Gru from Despicable Me in the same style. This was quite challenging and I wasn't exactly happy with the outcome.

This became quite a mess quite quickly as my particular style leaked through instead of the Punisher's artist style. However, afterwards we were tasked to draw the characters we had brought with us in the style of another random character. This time I received Stewie from Family Guy and drew the Punisher in that style. This one I particularly enjoyed and was quite pleased with the outcome this time.
This has shown me that I preform much better artistically with something cartoon-like rather that some alot more realistic. I see this, however, as a strength to be exploited in future projects.

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