Sunday, 26 January 2014

Post Greenlight Story - Grave Mistakes

Coming to terms with the consequences of actions.


A caring grandfather attends his grandson's birthday party, only for the sins of his past to interfere with the present and his heart.

Step Outline

x Grayam Parsons, a 72 year old, attends his Grandson's 10th birthday party. He walks out into the garden and is greeted by the guests. 

x He begins to socialise and enjoy the atmosphere, but he begins to experience brief flashes in front of his eyes. Grim smiles echo over the other guest's faces, enormous cemeteries superimposed over ice lollipops and swirling chemicals mimicked in drink glasses.

x Grayam takes a seat on a bench to recover.

x Grandson and party guests gather for the present opening. Grandson pulls out a toy rocket, holding high in the air.

x Grayam's breathe catches in his throat and vivid images of rockets stream in front of him as his Grandson plays with the new rocket toy.

x Grayam's eyes glaze over and a tear slides down his cheek. His heart slowly gives out and he dies on the garden bench.

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