Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Thumbnails 17 - 28

This selection of thumbnails have a recurring theme
amongst them as I am trying to grip hold of a number
of perspectives. After the last Photoshop lesson I attempt a few 'dynamic' perspectives, such as the low angle of 17 or the stretched feeling to 24, and I begun to enjoy these.

I do, however, hope to include a specific theme, one that I tried to slightly incorporate into 21,22,24,27 and 28, which is the feeling of being overwhelmed by the image.


  1. Hey Creative buddy,

    I think your thumbnails are looking really good and I can really see what you wanna try and picture to us. Can't wait to see some done with shading :).

  2. Hey Kyle! Some great attempts here with thumbnailing :) If you believe you find drawing perspective hard try using Maya as reference with the use of basic block models and then draw on top of screenshots. I hate drawing perspective myself so it's best to find alternative ways of doing it. Keep going K :D

    1. Will do :D Definitely giving that a go!