Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Byzantine Cannibal Character Profile

x Unsuspecting - older gentleman, visible ageing, looks fragile but is far from it.

x Sadistic - loves the pained expressions on his victims faces as he wounds them.

x Widow - wife and child died during child birth.

x Old soldier - trained to kill, learn of his preference for flesh and sadism during his service.

x Sexually abuses victims, chewing at their skin and flesh, stabbing and tearing them to pieces while having intercourse.

x Favourite victims - Prostitutes, homeless girls, young children. Anyone he can gain physical and sexual dominance over easily.

x Keeps victims right eyes - the right side is most dominant for many people, the eyes are windows to the soul, owns a piece of their soul and is his ultimate dominance over them.

Any feedback on how I could improve the profile or flesh the character out even more would be appreciated! Thanks :)


  1. he sounds pretty horrible, Kyle - he also sounds pretty 'real world' - maybe too much in terms of creating opportunities for a memorable digital set? Have you looked at any of the mythologies/deities etc. of Byzantine religions - so maybe you could fold-in a bit of fantasy to this?

    1. I'm up for folding fantasy in, I'm just unsure on which set of gods/deities to use with Byzantine has links to Greece, Rome and Christianity. Thinking either trickery by a underworld god, pretending to be a benevolent deity or possibly possession by a crazed spirit or Greek titan?

    2. I'm definitely thinking of using the crazed spirit angle, possible with some incoherent scrawling across the walls and floors of the lair. This can link with Byzantine religion as Orthodox Christianity's view of hell is for non-believers forever suffering in God's presence because they would have no choice but to confront their God forever, Does this seem like a good idea?