Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Maya Scene: Revamped Lighting Set Up

The screenshots below are of a revamped lighting set up for my scene. It was through talking and help from Jordan that I changed and am now pushing my scene's lights massively; the over complicated mess in the archway is my attempt at trying to achieve my concepts rim lighting on the inner part, which I believe has been quite successful. Any feedback on this is appreciated.


  1. Looking good Kyle, however, the crazy bunch of lights is normally a sign that something isn't working. If you need all those lights to add just one rim light to the arch then it may need rethinking. My guess would be to simply delete or hide all of the lights apart from one. Then adjust the cone angle so that the spot light is wide open. See how that affects things. Or try an area light to add rim lighting. You can break light links with objects so that lighting doesn't hit objects that you don't wish to affect.

    The rim lighting looks good though, so if you have big problems changing things, you can always go back to this more complicated version if you wanted. It's just important to remember that this wouldn't be efficient in a bigger project. I always find it best to keep light setups simple and build upon a good base slowly. Keep things going :)

  2. I'd also suggest you play with your darker areas. There is something nice and moody about your previous light setup that you want to try and keep. So just keep referencing your concept art and see how the mood is captured there.

    1. Thanks Jordan, just fixed the rim lighting with a simplified area light set up like you suggested. Pushing the darker areas right now :)