Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Space and Enviroment - Project 1: Cinematic Spaces

This is the first project on CG Arts & Animation and it is all about pre-production.
The goal of this project is to complete three fully resolved concept paintings, these must be painted digitally and be to a resolution of 16:9.

For the project I will be working from source material which is a 32 page extract from Metropole, a book by the Hungarian novelist Ferenc Karinthy. I decided to crack right on with thumbnail designs for the project and used Adobe Photoshop (to further reinforce what we covered yesterday) and came up with a number of ideas.


  1. These are looking great Kyle! I have no idea what the book is about but just by looking at these thumbnails I can instantly tell you are trying to convey something dark and unpleasant. Now that is a big plus for me :D

    And well done for 'attacking' photoshop. Now is your chance to experiment and have fun ! Use perhaps mixed media like charcoal or ink in combination with photoshop..get messy!

    Keep on going - can't wait to see the rest :)

  2. Great start Kyle,
    you have some great atmosphere in some of these thumbnails, The cemetery scene in particular has an emptiness and stillness that contrasts really nicely with the frenetic crowds in the image to the right of it.


  3. Great start Kyle, really good to see you complete a first page of studies. I would suggest you keep on this track, especially to experiment with brushwork. Try to see how pen pressure affects your brush stroke. The composition of these images is already very promising. Keep working with sketches and thumbnails, it will really push you forward a great deal.

  4. Hey Kyle - pow! First set of thumbnails completed! Just a tip though - remember to number your thumbnails, so people can zone in on favourites - for example, I think the 'graveyard' thumb is very atmospheric, but it would be quicker to say 'No 3' :)

  5. http://ucarochester-cgartsandanimation.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/cgaa-year-1-project-one-cinematic.html

  6. hi Kyle:) i am one of your creative partners:) and nice to meet u
    well experimental work .i like no.3 and 4 that i can see u were trying to create layers and layers of repetition , that makes your thumbnails look more interesting,
    and i also have a little suggestions ,i think you could also try on using grey tones for the background so that the closer object can be more clear :)

  7. Hi Candice :D I look forward to working with you and its a pleasure to meet you as well!
    Cheers for the pointers, I'm gonna definitely experiment further with 3 and 4's repetitive nature.