Sunday, 29 September 2013

Influence Maps - Metropole

The pictures displayed in these influence maps are of ideas that have alot of potential and evocative imagery for further designs and developments.My first influence map features some macabre pictures of slaughtered animals, but also includes a painting by L.S. Lowry whos industrial landscapes and simplification of people will undoubtably play a large role in convey and illustrating the strange world and crowded streets described in Metropole.
 This second map provides insight into numerous ideas I have formulated and allow me to look towards more abstract ideas and concepts. The images are valuable both in giving both a feel for different perspectives, but also ideas of composition, architecture, clothing for certain characters, etc. Through doing these influence maps, I have definitely gained renewed insight into my subject matter and the different and exciting ways I can develop my drawings.


  1. Hey Creative Partner :D was just looking at your font ideas and the use of typography, maybe you could use an illustration style to your ideas? Just a thought :)
    The typography and illustration from your other influence map reminded me of this:

    You could have subliminal messages within your concept art or even signs or chalk drawings on the floor that actually mean something

    1. Thanks Rosalyn :D That's give me an idea ;)