Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage OGR


  1. OGR 06/03/2014

    Hey Kyle - really like the sci-fi stylings and the whole notion of the action taking place in this sealed, containment pod. I don't think you need the spaceship in there - not only is that a bunch of modelling etc. that your life-cycle doesn't need, I think you can cut to the chase much more simply and economically and just take the audience directly to the containment pod and the analysis of the sample. There are ways no doubt to use text as a preface: for example, 'Specimen A - Begin Analysis' etc. Your audience is going to get the sci-fi stylings from the whole clinical space-lab set-up, and if you're going to be modeling and animating automated arms/grasps/props etc. you're going to have your work cut-out, so I'd seek to reduce your concept to what is absolutely essential.

    I thought of this Bjork video when I saw your thumbnails:

    Kyle - I have an instruction for you: stop drawing in black outlines all the time - it always makes your work look so gloomy and 'heavy'. I want you to try a different method in terms of designing your world, and I want you to look at Mike Smallwood's first year project, and how he began to work up his concept art, using Photoshop in a slightly different way: see his final crit post, but pay particular attention to his Art Of, when he moved from 'painting' his components, to just using the gradient tool and the ellipsis tools in Photoshop to create much more smooth, clean lines.

    I also think, if you want to create some clean, modern lines, you might think about working in Illustrator, using the pen tool etc. to create some of your designs - to keep things slick and 'product design' like. What I don't want to see are anymore heavy black lines - in fact - no more black outlines in your thumbnails from this point forward - find another way to work up your ideas, keeping in mind what you want to achieve - i.e. glowing, white, shiny, futuristic interiors... There, I've set you a challenge!

    1. Cheers Phil ;) I accept this challenge! Regarding actually getting the information across to my audience, how best do think I would achieve this? I'm torn between onscreen text like an analysis program or an actual voiceover? Maybe a mixture of both?

  2. It could be voice-over plus key bits of technical vocabulary appearing on screen?