Friday, 28 February 2014

Project Three: Fantastic Voyage

The last project of the first year is a commission project based on the theme of reproduction. We were given four reproductive processes for the project and will construct our narrative and animation around the core process we chose; while also remembering what we are telling our audience.

The four reproductive processes are:

x Plasmodial Slime Mold (

x Cellular Slime Mold (

x Moss/Bryophyta (

x Fern/Pteridophyta (

My particular favourites are the Bryophyta and Cellular Slime Mold, I had an almost instantaneous reaction to them, with sci-fi narratives springing forth. This is a good sign for my work as formulating a story as quickly as possible; as well as having a strong visual direction upon which to thumbnail and storyboard, will be essential in getting this project off the ground as quickly as possible. My only fear would be losing my focus upon the process itself and confusing my audience and client, however I will pay closer attention to this to ensure it doesn't happen.

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